All property types and their respective markets vary greatly and are constantly evolving. Many years ago, we decided to focus our energies on apartment appraisals and since 1983, we have completed over 5,500 appraisals of multifamily properties in the Portland area. This narrow focus on one property type gives us a comprehensive understanding of the Portland Metropolitan apartment market and best serves our clients in the apartment industry. 

Our experience includes small plex buildings, urban apartments, suburban apartments, institutional grade properties, land, proposed apartments, and all apartment types in between.

MORTGAGE LOAN APPRAISALS - A variety of formats, both narrative and FHLMC forms, are available to fit your needs. This includes both existing and proposed units. 

ESTATE RELATED APPRAISALS - This includes estate appraisals, appraisals relating to gifting of property to heirs or charity, partnership transfers, divorce settlements, and financial reporting to name a few. 

Our appraisals take shape in various formats. We can help determine a format to fit your needs.

Available upon request.



Coverage Area


We cover the entire Portland Metro area and Salem Metro Area.